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Platform for issuing, fundraising, investing and trading in Asset backed tokens.

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Converting assets into Asset Backed Tokens (ABTs) enabling more efficient and easier fundraising, investing and trading


Raise funds from one of the largest network of investors globally including institutions, family offices, HNIs, angels

Trade & Liquidate

Trade assets on the largest global market for assets backed tokens. Create liquidity and early exit for your projects


For Investors

  • Access the world’s largest portfolio of assets to invest in
  • Easily monitor your investments and setup alerts and advanced stop loss actions
  • Exit and liquidate your stake in startups, private equity in other assets before underlying assets mature
  • 24×7 Trading
  • Log of all dividends and interest payments made by projects
  • Tax optimization support & Dedicated Key Account Manager for Gold Members (> US $100MM in AUM with Tokenizer or associated brokers / institutions )
  • Transparent Ratings & view of past dividends and payments made by the projects via the platform 


For Fundraisers & Projects

  • Get exposure to the largest collection of investors in one platform
  • Receive Funds in the currency of choice
  • Transparent and compliant investors according to local regulation of the projects
  • Transparent ratings



Real Estate



Venture Capital

Metals & Commodities

FX & Derivatives

Hedge Funds

Private Equity


End to End DeFi infrastructure

Investment Platform

Exchange & DEX

Digital Wallet


Asset Tokenization

Debit Cards


Trillion Dollar market

The market size of asset backed tokens is estimated to be $6 Trillion


Meet The Team



Jesse Hambly

Director of Business Development - VC & Startups


Director of Business Development - Real Estate & Funds

kevin hedlund

Director of Business Development - Equities & Bonds

Rishabh Nagar

Director of Business Development - VC & Startups

priyanka Khanadali

Director of Marketing

Paul Kim

Director of Marketing

Dhivya Naresh

Director of Marketing

Jemima Spiteri

Director, People & Culture

Josiah Makori

Content Writer

Ben speaker

Content Writer

yash shah

Full Stack Developer 

Amit yadav

Full stack Developer

Byron Mayorga

Full stack Developer

Lee Sanchez

Full stack Developer

Kifen Aseme

Full stack Developer

Fernando Caamaño

Full stack Developer

Syed Peeran

Full stack Developer

Sam Parks 

Full stack Developer

Brian Zhu

Full stack Developer

Pavon Dunbar

Full stack Developer

Felipe Ramos da Silva

DevOps Engineer

Fernando Santiago

Dev Ops Engineer

Steven Lee

Mobile Developer

Kai Karzhauov

Mobile Developer

Alexander Bai

Mobile Developer


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment?

Minimum investments can vary from $100 to $100,000 depending on the project

What are your fees?

For project investments in primary offerings, we charge between 1% -10% depending on project . For Exchange, we our trading fees range from 0.1% to 1.25%.  For Tokenizer managed Funds we charge management fees of 1% on committed assets and 15% carried interest. For token issuance,  we charge between $50-$500 per token issuance, 0.1% transaction fees on every token transfer, $100 -$500 per modification of whitelist and other parameters

Report any issue to [email protected]

My projects already have tokens? How can we work?

We work with tokens from almost all other platforms. You dont have to use our token issuance services. Infact, we work with and recommend various token issuance partners

How do you work with Brokers and Institutions?

Broker & Institutions can get access to our Institutional Dashboard and products to manage clients' accounts for Asset management, Institutional investments and trading.  Features also include High-Speed Trading along with dedicated Key Account Manager for Gold Accounts and above (> US $100MM in AUM in Tokenizer Wallet) . Contact [email protected]

What currencies do you accept?

We accept all major crypto and fiat via various payment gateways as well as wire transfers.

Is there any guarantee from the platform side?

No, the platform does not provide any guarantee and is simply a marketplace. Please manage your own risk


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