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Platform for issuing, fundraising, investing and trading in Asset backed tokens.

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Converting assets into Asset Backed Tokens (ABTs) enabling more efficient and easier fundraising, investing and trading

Raise funds from one of the largest network of investors globally including institutions, family offices, HNIs, angels

Trade assets on the largest global market for assets backed tokens. Create liquidity and early exit for your projects




Real Estate

Private Equity


Venture Capital

Metals & Commodities


Hedge Funds



Meet The Team

Manindra majumdar


Jemima Spiteri

Director of People & Culture

priyanka Khanadali

VP Marketing

kevin hedlund

Director of Business Development - Equities & Bonds


Director of Business Development - Real Estate & Funds

Jesse Hambly

Director of Business Development - VC & Startups

gia khanna

Director of Business Development - Investment Banking

zafer egri

Director of Business Development 

Sean malatesta

Director of Business Development 

Dhivya Naresh

Director of Marketing

Ben speaker

Content Writer

Jagdish kumar

Content Writer

Josiah Makori

Content Writer

Amudhan muthaiah

Blockchain Engineer

yash shah

Full Stack Developer 

Amit yadav

Full Stack Developer

Byron Mayorga

Full Stack Developer

Lee Sanchez

Full Stack Developer

Kifen Aseme

Full Stack Developer

Fernando Caamaño

Full Stack Developer

Syed Peeran

Full Stack Developer

Sam Parks 

Full Stack Developer

Brian Zhu

Full Stack Developer

Pavon Dunbar

Full Stack Developer

Felipe Ramos da Silva

DevOps Engineer

Fernando Santiago

Dev Ops Engineer

Steven Lee

Mobile Developer

Elnaz Omidvar 

UX / Graphic Designer

Kairat karzhauov

Mobile Developer

Benjamin Pacheco

Full Stack Developer

Henry Onyebuchi

Full Stack Developer

Barny Silvederio

UI / Graphic Designer

James Truong

Full Stack Developer

Shing Ho Tan

Full Stack Developer

Vince Dioquino

UX Designer & Public Relations

milagros dominquez

Quality Assurance Manager

naveen kumar 

UX Designer

madhav sharma

Mobile Developer

Yogesh Kumar

Full Stack Developer

sandeep gupta 

Mobile Developer


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