What is a Tokenization Platform, and why is it Required?

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A tokenization platform is where the tokenization of assets takes place. It links empowered investors with disruptive and verified companies. Tokenization is the process of representing traditional assets, like real estate, bonds, and private equity on a blockchain network.

A tokenized asset can be instantly and directly transferred between parties, with ownership recorded on a decentralized, open ledger. This eliminates the need for expensive third-parties, reducing transaction costs, and improving liquidity. Besides, tokenization opens asset classes to a broader pool of investors, who previously lacked access to the infrastructure required to trade and store them.

Tokenizer is the world’s first self-service tokenization platform with full-cycle tokenization services.

Why a tokenization platform is required

Asset tokenization: A tokenization platform helps companies issue utility and security tokens using smart contract generation tools.

Asset management: A tokenization platform uses a smart and safe investor management system comprising a digital wallet, custody, and crypto debit cards for complete asset management.

Trading marketplace: A tokenization platform can contain a centralized exchange or a DEX to trade Asset-Backed Tokens and other digital currencies.

Investment platform: A tokenization platform enables investors to access the world’s broadest portfolio of assets.

Why you should tokenize your assets on a tokenization platform


Gain access to a global pool of investors that you were previously unable to reach. Pay dividends automatically, create and distribute security tokens with zero coding knowledge, and minimize back-office administrative overhead.


Security tokens unlock liquidity for private securities with coded ownership restrictions. The tokens can be traded to a global pool of investors on the Tokenizer exchange.


As an issuer, you can carry out your: fundraising, cap table management, dividend payments, and financial transactions in a fully transparent way on the blockchain.

Which type of assets can be tokenized?

All existing asset groups can be tokenized. We have classified the possibilities into four main groups; assets, equity, funds, and services.


Assets comprise of all valuable things that can be converted into cash. People, companies, and governments own assets. They can be grouped into two classes, personal assets and business assets.

Personal assets comprise cash, cash equivalents, saving accounts, property, and investments. Business assets are assets that are available on a balance sheet. All these assets can be owned fractionally via tokenization.


Equity, like company shares, can be tokenized. Based on the principle of the standard share ownership, shares of a listed business can be bought during its initial public offering (IPO) or stock exchange. The whole process can be tokenized, but the assets will be in the digital form of security tokens and kept on a blockchain network.


An investment fund is defined as a supply of capital belonging to various investors used to buy securities collectively. Every investor retains ownership and control of their shares. The same process can be tokenized, and the tokens swill represent your share in the fund.


The company’s products or services can be offered as a means to raise investment for that company. The token issued here is known as a utility token and can only be used to buy the goods or services provided by the issuer.

Tokenizer Blockchain Banking Platform

The Tokenizer is a blockchain investment banking system that champions accessible, transparent, and safe financial services. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to investment and fundraising opportunities. That is why we are democratizing access to capital for investors and fundraisers by making investing and fundraising efficient, safe, and accessible to everyone.

Are you in need of raising funds or investing in security tokens? Apply to raise funds through Tokenizer by filling this application form. If you want to invest in security tokens, sign up for a Tokenizer Investment Account today, and if you want to liquidate and trade-in Asset-Backed Tokens, we have a decentralized exchange designed for you! You can also contact us to order a metallic crypto card at $149 only.

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