Tokenization Efforts during the COVID19 Pandemic that you Should Not Miss

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As COVID19 sweeps across the global economy, it brings along beneficial opportunities for interested parties. Apart from revalued assets at dipped prices, tokenization of assets presents more opportunities for investors to increase their portfolio diversification and companies to expand their global reach.

On July 29, 2020, DeFi Ventures, a blockchain-based banking network for investing and financing humanity’s next chapter, officially launched Tokenizer- the first self-service tokenization platform in the crypto space.

Tokenizer is a fully compliant token issuance platform for issuing, fundraising, and investing in Asset-Backed Tokens. Any individual or business can tokenize their assets for $X with no technical or coding skills. The platform is an end-to-end DeFi infrastructure; meaning assets can also be used to raise funds and be traded on the Tokenizer exchange, completing the full life cycle of a tokenized exchange.

Tokenizer gives issuers access to financing on practical terms, introduce them to a larger pool of global investors, enabling them to achieve new levels of flexibility in trading with their customers. The primary goal of tokenization is not speculating in cryptocurrencies, but to create a modern and transparent method of investing fundraising and trading in Asset-Backed Tokens.

“The Tokenizer self-service issuance platform ensures that anybody can create their security tokens without mastering a smart contract language. Besides, instead of introducing cumbersome and complex third party wallet management tools, we have kept the whole experience within our browser by eliminating the complexity of managing a wallet from the user while maintaining high-security standards'” said Tokenizer CEO, Manindra Majumdar.

Tokenizer leverages blockchain technology to represent real-world assets in digital form, making trading easier, offering faster transactions, and permissionless access to transactions. It will help transform traditional ways of how businesses work with their partners and customers.

Besides the launch of Tokenizer, there are other exiting tokenization projects carried out during this pandemic.

Smartlands in London

At the beginning of the year, Smartlands and UK’s International Realty agreed to tokenize a luxurious duplex property in Lillie Square, London. Smartlands provides high net-worth investors with improved access to own a portion of prime real estate.

Tokeny Solution in Monaco

In June 2020, Monaco signed an agreement with Tokeny Solutions as the only provider of tokenization services in Monaco. Besides the effects of COVID19, the deal is a good confidence booster for citizens looking to issue tokens and invest in Asset-Backed Tokens.

KlickOwn in Germany

KlickOwn– a real estate crowdfunding company- completed an STO in July 2020 for a memorable commercial and residential property in Lueneburg, Germany. The STO generated EUR 1.5 million with a projected annual return of 5%. The security offering took advantage of the custody services of one of the oldest private financial institutions in Europe, Bankhaus von der Heydt, for the safekeeping of digital assets.

Tokenizer Blockchain Banking Platform

The Tokenizer is a blockchain investment banking system that champions accessible, transparent, and safe financial services. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to investment and fundraising opportunities. That is why we are democratizing access to capital for investors and fundraisers by making investing and fundraising efficient, safe, and accessible to everyone.

Are you in need of raising funds or investing in security tokens? Apply to raise funds through Tokenizer by filling this application form. If you want to invest in security tokens, sign up for a Tokenizer Investment Account today, and if you want to liquidate and trade-in Asset-Backed Tokens, we have a decentralized exchange designed for you! You can also contact us to order a metallic crypto card at $149 only.

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