The Tokenizer Debit Card: A Debit Card for the Blockchain Era

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Crypto debit cards work just like the standard bank cards you own. You can swipe them at card terminals to purchase goods in-store, use them to withdraw cash at ATMs, and enter their numbers during online shopping. A crypto debit card reflects money in your account, as well as the digital assets you hold.

While the number of businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments is continuously growing, it is still impossible to buy everything with cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, you can now order your crypto debit card, thanks to multiple companies in the blockchain space.

How crypto debit cards work

Cryptocurrency debit cards allow investors to avoid the cumbersome processes needed to convert digital currencies into fiat money and enable them to use their money freely. In the case of a Bitcoin debit card, the card provider carries out the exchange aspect of the conversion, which in most instances, is not as favorable as market rates, but provides an additional layer of convenience that neutralizes the slightly increased cost.

Crypto debit cards are designed to make it easier to directly spend your coins as needed, even if a merchant does not accept crypto payments.

What to consider when choosing a crypto debit card

These are the factors to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency debit card:

· What are the supported currencies?

· Is the card universal, or its use is limited to certain jurisdictions?

· What are the charges?

· What is the service itself, and how does it work?

Besides, you may also want to consider any extra features of a card or service. For instance, whether it allows you to lock-in rates to protect against price fluctuations.

In the world of internet shopping, security is critical. There is always a certain degree of risk involved whenever you expose your personal details and credit card information online, so if you choose a virtual debit card, or order a physical debit card, any way you can make online shopping easier or safer is well worth considering.

Virtual debit cards provide a prepaid, disposable debit card number you can use to shop online and over your smartphone. Some crypto debit card issuers only provide physical cards, while some offer both physical and virtual cards.

Examples of crypto debit cards on the market

Coinbase Shift Card

Coinbase was the first exchange to enable crypto users to spend their digital assets directly through their Shift Card solution. The Coinbase Shift Card is linked directly to the Coinbase wallet system but is only available in the US at the moment. The value of purchases made with the card are deducted from a customer’s Bitcoin balance and converted to USD at the current exchange rate.

The Shift card charges a local ATM withdrawal fee of $2.50, and a global ATM withdrawal fee of $3.50, with no monthly or POS fee. The daily spending limit is capped at $1,000, and the daily maximum ATM withdrawal is $200.


Monaco cards are Visa-branded debit cards that draw from crypto-funded bank accounts. Since it is a Visa card, users can use their Monaco cards just like they would with other cards. Both the card and a Monaco bank account are free for cryptocurrency holders. To open a Monaco bank account, you sign up, verify your identity, and transfer any of the various accepted digital currencies to your account.

Monaco cards have no minimum balance and monthly charges. However, there is a $200 limit on free ATM withdrawals and an interbank exchange limit of $2,000. If you invest in the MCO token, you will be eligible to upgrade to a limited edition card.


Crypto debit cards allow users to convert quickly and securely spend your digital assets wherever you are. All that convenience is a modern and minimalist contactless debit card. At Tokenizer, our vision is to replace your bank. Everything you need in your phone: payments, transfers, currency exchange, and many more. Contact us today to order a metallic crypto card at $149 only.


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