Make Maximum Use of This “Stay-At-Home” Period with These Four Crypto Activities

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The global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will depend on the world joining forces in a collective endeavor supported by science, finance, and political resolutions. Even if a vaccine comes soon, many people may never report back to the office routine immediately because of social distancing. We have prepared four crypto activities you can engage in to make the most out of your stay-at-home period. 

Carry out a Detailed Analysis of Your Crypto-based Financial Engagements 

The modern world’s hectic lifestyle frequently deprives people of opportunities to practice financial discipline satisfactorily. Luckily, you can use your stay-at-home time to analyze your crypto transactions to establish how you spend your savings.    

Lack of spending evaluation may haunt you later, especially if you hold some cryptocurrencies in a digital wallet. This is mostly essential for investors who want to make maximum use of their crypto holdings with minimal losses. Since the onset of the Coronavirus, digital currencies have been on the upward trend. Therefore, it is good to analyze your crypto operations to make maximum use of this Bull Run. 

Study the Market Situation Keenly

Do not be in a hurry to make panic purchases and sells since you have a lot of time to study the market. Please select at least six crypto community news outlets and analysts, and compare their analysis, news, sentiments, statistics, and the predictions they share daily. This will enable you to be objective and level-headed while making informed investment decisions. In case you do not want to miss a significant industry happening, you can subscribe to our newsletter to learn about blockchain and tokenization news from all over the world. 

Shop Around for the Best Deals 

The current crypto landscape differs a lot from that of 2017. The variety of crypto products on offer, yield farming, and competitive exchange offers available today dwarfs what was around three years ago.    

Spend your stay-at-home time to analyze some online crypto wallets with affordable rates, straightforward user interfaces, and global accessibility. The possibility of purchasing digital assets with a crypto card from your home’s comfort is a beneficial feature contained in some online wallets. Learn how you can benefit from decentralized exchanges, like Tokenizer DEX. Some wallet providers offer free transfers within their wallets, helping you save some money during this period.  

Participate in some Crypto Games 

Though the world is not in a cheerful mode right now, you can still entertain yourself with some crypto games and earn some passive income. Ensure you research properly the potential of digital currencies in media, such as video and online gaming, where non-fungible tokens in the form of collectibles are monetized on a blockchain network. 

You can have fun by purchasing unique digital cats from the CyptoKitties website or participating in fantasy football tournaments on Sorare, which is supported by Juventus, Atletico Madrid, As Roma, and many others. This will definitely spur up your spirits. 

A Word to the Wise

Do not worry because you can turn around what others see as a mandatory quarantine and work-from-home routine to an entertaining and economic period. Taking part in the crypto activities mentioned above will help you stay on top of the crypto space regularly.    

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