Blockchain and Asset-Backed Securities, Potential for Climate Finance

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Natural capital — minerals, resources, water, carbon dioxide absorption, erosion control, temperature regulation, and oxygen is degrading globally. Not a week goes by when another news cycle covers a natural disaster, uncommon weather patterns, and degradation of our most valuable resources. The recent increased interest from multi-national corporations such as AmazonMicrosoftL’OrealUnilever, and countries focused on economic recovery efforts on climate-based solutions, possible investments into the climate finance space may become the next sure way to meeting investment needs.

In a 2019 Climate Policy Report, climate finance crossed the USD half-trillion market for the first time showing double-digit growth offering insight into what is to come in the climate finance space.

Blockchain and Decentralized Options in Climate Finance

Largely contributed by the tokenization of infrastructure and other resource-based assets, the blockchain marketplace currently presents a major opportunity to provide lower transaction costs, better transparency, enhanced liquidy, and increase transaction efficiency in projects relating to climate-based solutions. The creation of new asset-backed token will allow the ability for smart contracts between sustainable development efforts possible, seamlessly tracking climate mitigation and adaptation efforts, and create a futures market within emissions trading systems.

The creation of tokens such as IXOBNDESNORI, and REGEN offers the first look into how decentralized finance is merging with the capital marketplace. As the climate finance space develops, make sure the other corporate commitments to green economic recovery efforts creating major opportunities for new asset-backed tokens.

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