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Currently observing the mass outcry demanding reform and justice, I believe this blog must be dedicated to Black Americans; furthermore connecting to the global black community. Usually, we write about DeFi opportunities, but today we write about the need to create financial inclusion in the DeFi, blockchain, and crypto space.

Financial Inclusion

Author of Bitcoin & Black American, and co-founder of KRBE Digital Assets Group, Isaiah Jackson is no stranger to the crypto space. Since releasing his book in July 2019, Jackson has been gaining attention as a professional and consultant in the space. Having been interviewed on podcast channels like The Pomp PodcastCoindesk Podcast Network, and recently receiving a shoutout from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey — Jackson’s book is a solution-based reading covering the Bitcoin and Crypto space opportunity to create financial sovereignty.

Value of Decentralized Finance

Recognizing the next opportunity wave, Jackson considers the open-sourced nature of the Bitcoin space as one that a) removes human bias having been experienced is traditional monetary institutions; b) an opportunity to avoid being left behind when companies start cutting from the bottom; and c) bringing the black community into the decentralized finance space as builders rather than only consumers. In an interview with The Moguldom Nation, Jackson states —

“I realized that a lot of the problems in the Black community have been written about a lot towards the last year. What I wanted to focus on was a solution-based book,” Jackson said. “It doesn’t harp on a lot of the past issues. … I wanted to absolutely make sure that I have a way for people to read and take it and actually apply it to their life, not just sit around and discuss what could be, what we could do … I’m a pretty straight-forward person and I definitely wanted to make this book like that. (It’s) straightforward. Read it and let’s get to work.”

DeFi Ventures

The concept of creating Decentralized Finance Ventures must include black communities in order to ensure the reconfiguration of financial pipeworks overcomes the historic compounding of segregation experienced with Centralized Finance Ventures. Across American cities, the greater issue that exists is the exclusion from access and opportunity to participate in traditional financial assets. While the future of finance is here in the form of tokenizing, STO fundraising, and traditional asset-backed tokens, educational inclusion still lacks across major communities of color.

Supporting Jackson in his endeavours, our blog will continue to explore how to incorporate cryptocurrency and other asset-backed tokens into your business, job, and education. Our DeFi Ventures Blog will cover topics such as how to raise funds or invest in security tokens, and our Tokenizer platform is our medium to access this space.

We stand in solidarity for financial sovereignty and advocate for the growth in black economics.

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