Asset Tokenization: Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Market

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We live in a digitized economy where we use apps to send and receive money, pay bills, order rides online, and many more. However, many areas of our economy are still operating under the old norm. Some services and products are easier to digitize than others. They are based on the core practices, the number of participants that must interact in a particular ecosystem, and the appropriate intermediaries to exchange value. 

Consider your home, for instance. Its ownership rights must be represented by a title deed, purchase rights, tax records, affidavits, or other government-issued documents. To transfer those rights, share them with others, including your heirs, or refinance a mortgage, you require volumes of paperwork that increase in complexity with every transaction. 

Asset Tokenization: The New Norm

Tokenizing ownership rights has several benefits. Tokenization minimizes the costs brought by human errors, makes exceptions easier to spot and fix, and brings more trust in the process while relieving the need for third parties. 

You can sell your house, or even your company shares, digitally to pre-vetted investors with little or no need to verify the information. Tokenization is designed so that there are no lengthy processes, no hidden charges from intermediaries, and no trails of paperwork. By facilitating secure online transactions of illiquid assets, such as commodities, real estate, artwork, and others, tokenization unlocks the trillions of dollars from the world economy. 

How Tokenizer is Making Asset Tokenization a Reality

By representing ownership rights for real-world assets digitally on a blockchain network, we aim to eliminate the need for third parties and paperwork significantly. We help companies issue tokens to solve the liquidity problem facing most assets, like property, artwork, and commodities. Such assets are known as illiquid assets and are not easily transferred into cash, making them difficult to trade. 

With tokenization, we divide these assets into fractions, breaking the entry barrier for market participants. Besides, asset tokenization opens up new markets by enabling innovation and fostering trust, linking traders in more transparent and reputable marketplaces than they have had access to before. 

The sector where the shift to tokenization may be particularly more beneficial is the trading of precious metals. In most metal transactions, buyers want to purchase portions of the volume under offer, which calls for negotiations over the order’s amount and price. Fractional ownership facilitated by tokenization solves these issues, enabling investors to buy precisely what they want and frees up the market for both big and small traders. 

Tokenizer Blockchain Banking Platform

The Tokenizer is a blockchain investment banking system that champions accessible, transparent, and safe financial services. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to investment and fundraising opportunities. That is why we are democratizing access to capital for investors and fundraisers by making investing and fundraising efficient, safe, and accessible to everyone.

Are you in need of raising funds or investing in security tokens? Apply to raise funds through Tokenizer by filling this application form. If you want to invest in security tokens, sign up for a Tokenizer Investment Account today, and if you want to liquidate and trade-in Asset-Backed Tokens, we have a decentralized exchange designed for you! You can also contact us to order a metallic crypto card at $149 only.

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