5 Ways to buy BTC with credit or debit card

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Buying Bitcoins with credit or debit cards is very difficult. As bitcoins are completely secured, using debit cards for that purchase will void that security. So everyone is completely strict about it. But some exchanges are coming forth to get debit or credit cards to promote the use of crypto coins among the masses.

(i) Coinbase

Everyone may hear this name. It is one of the reputed crypto exchanges in the world. It supports the debit/credit card as a payment method. But it only operates in the US, and in limited countries. The security is low here, the exchange fee is also low compared to others. It has a very low limit to buy BTC. You can only buy up to USD 150 or GBP 150 per week. It charges a 3.99% service fee. It operates only in the United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia.

It is simple, but transactions using a bank transfer may take up to a week of business days. It will track the bitcoins they sold to you.

Just create an account with them, link your debit/credit card, complete KYC, Buy BTCs. Only Master card 3d secured and verified VISA cards are accepted.

(ii) WazirX

It is operated by Binance, mainly for the Indians. It also has its own token, WRX. You need a bitcoin wallet. If you do not have one, just create an online wallet, using blockchain wallet. You can deposit your fiat in INR into your WazirX account using UPI. Then convert and withdraw it into your bitcoin wallet. The fee is 0.2%.

The Order book interface is difficult for beginners. It has a good reputation. There are higher limits. As UPI is operated mainly by debit cards, you can use it too. The minimum deposit for BTC is 0 BTC. Actually, it is a trading platform, there are many charts available in the exchange section of their website regarding BTC/INR, USD/INR, etc . . . .

(iii) Coin Mama

It is also a widely heard crypto exchange popular for its debit or credit payment methods. It allows you to buy BTC using debit or credit cards. It has one of the highest exchange fees of 4.9–5.9%. It is trusted, quick, limits are also high. The VISA, MasterCard only are accepted. American Express, PayPal, Discover are currently not accepted. You can also buy using bank transfer. But the orders from bank transfer payment methods are limited up to USD 12000 per business day. You can avail this through SEPA if you are in Europe, SWIFT by others. You can get your bitcoins to your desired wallet.

(iv) CEX.io

It is one of the historical crypto exchanges, working since 2013. but it lets you buy BTC with credit or debit cards. It operates in some states of the US, Europe, and some states of South America. It has a very low fee of 0.2%. It is a trusted one. But the verification is a time consuming one, and need so much info backed by the national IDs. You can buy using VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer (SEPA, SWIFT, ACH, Faster Payments).

(v) Bitpanda

It is better suited for European customers. The daily limit for buying bitcoin using credit cards is 2500 Euros, for other payment method users, the daily limit is 10000 Euros. You can buy Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum. It is a trading platform too. The payment options include credit card, NETELLER, Skrill, Sofort, GIROPAY, SEPA, Amazon.

You can buy BEST, XRP, Pantos, Gold, IOTA, Stellar, 0x, NEM, Ethereum Classic and many more you know.



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